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While everyone in Oban was enjoying an early Autumnal warm spell two teams of Rotarians were contesting the hotly anticipated final of the annual pairs bowls competition to see who would have bragging rights for the next twelve months and share custody of the coveted Dennis Cathro Millenium Bowl Trophy.


This year the final was between by a team comprising of last year’s runner up Daniel Rogger, and his partner Jack Tollan and their opponents, current President Ciorsti Baxter and her partner, Immediate Past President Lachie Beaton who was making his fourth consecutive appearance in the finals winning with different partners in 2018 and 2022. The weather on Tuesday morning was perfect for bowls with shorts and suntan lotion required which was in complete contrast to last year when waterproofs and thermals were needed.


The competition was won decisively by the Two Presidents with the defeated finalists vowing to come back stronger next year. The trophy was presented to Ciorsti and Lachie by Senior Vice President Peter Tosh at the Rotary Club lunch held every Tuesday at the Royal Hotel in Oban.

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Annual Bowling Competition
Following a lengthy competition involving 12 Rotarians over the summer months, the final was eventually between Daniel Rogger and Ken Moncrieff and Andy Lambert and Lachie Beaton.

It was a very close match played in the pouring rain (as can be seen in the first photo). The score was 9 all after 9 ends but, after the nominated 12 ends, the eventual winners were Andy Lambert and Lachie Beaton. The players and the final score as seen in the second photo.

The final of the 2019 Rotary Pairs Bowling Competition took place at Oban Bowling Club on 27th August with Lachie Beaton & Tommy Mac Quade taking on Graham Innes & Alan Hoar.

The final was a very closely contested match with the 2 novices -Tommy & Alan - playing particularly well as leads, with Tommy proving to be very adept at hitting and dragging the jack. The lead changed hands at almost every end and, at the start of the final end, Lachie & Tommy were leading by a single shot. Once again Tommy managed to drag the jack to a tricky position at the edge of the rink with his touching bowl lying shot in the ditch. Graham & Lachie then attempted to get their bowls closer to the jack and managed to do so with 3 of their bowls. These bowls were subsequently measured resulting in Graham & Alan scoring 2 shots and winning the match 11-10 and with it the Millennium Bowl presented by the late Dennis Cathro.

As part of its sporting activities, which include golf, fishing, clay pigeon shooting, curling and hill climbing, Oban Rotary re-introduced bowls in 2018 with members playing for the Denis Cathro Cup in a Pairs format.

The finalists were Chris Sutton and Ken Moncrieff versus Lachie Beaton and Ronnie Forbes with both teams tied going in to the final end but Lachie and Ronnie won through by one shot.

Lachie and Ronnie are seen here accepting the Denis Cathro trophy from Rotary President, Iain Mac Intyre.

The 2019 competition is now well underway.
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